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   Attorney K. Jayaraman is admitted to practice law in Tennessee and New York. He is a former law professor at the University of Memphis School of law. He has extensive experience in Criminal, Civil, and Immigration litigation and has won several cases, jury awards and federal and state appeals. Several of his federal cases have been recommended for full text publication by the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. He has argued more than 25 appeals in federal courts of appeals and represented innumerable clients before the United States Court of Appeals and U.S District Courts.

            He briefed and argued a seminal constitutional case on constitutionality of the federal Three Strikes law in 2000, before the en banc court of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. (USA v. Gatewood). A three judge panel of the Court had unanimously struck down the statute as unconstitutional, however, the en banc Court reversed the ruling.

Another case he won before the U.S Court of Appeals, U.S.A v. Casenyle Valentine is a leading case in the area of grouping of counts in federal sentencing.


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